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The Permanent Secretary of Immigration was a nonpartisan office of the Royal Civil Service within the Ministry of the Interior. It superseded the post of Deputy Minister of the Interior in charge of the Bureau of Immigration, or Deputy Minister of Immigration for short, which was created with the demotion of the Ministry of Immigration under the new Interior Ministry in 2014.


The office was among the first to be devised as a potential Permanent Secretary post, and the intention to create it was announced in the early days of the Third Da Schir Cabinet by then-Interior Minister Ian Plätschisch upon the retirement of Ián Anglatzarâ, the long serving Deputy Minister of Immigration.

Plätschisch put himself in charge of the Bureau of Immigration ad interim on November 15th 2017/XXXVIII, and formally proposed the creation of the post to the Civil Service Commission of the 51st Cosa on December 12th. The post was ultimately approved by the Commission on December 27th. Civil Service Commissioner Txoteu Davinescu opened the hiring process on January 4th 2018/XXXIX, but it did not yield any complete applications.

The process died down, and only resumed after the creation of the Royal Civil Service later in 2018. New Commissioner Flip Molinar opened the recruiting process on October 22nd, and two candidates were found: Alexandreu Davinescu and then-Interior Minister Éovart Grischun. However, none of them was ultimately appointed, and confusion ensued upon Molinar wanting them both to work on the same job, and leaking Grischun's intention to retire as Minister. Plätschisch continued being informally in charge of immigration, and was referred to as Temporary Permanent Secretary.

Andy Park was named Permanent Secretary of Immigration on September 10th 2019/XL; however, he resigned little more than a month later, and the role was unofficially given to Gödafrïeu Válcadác'h, who in turn resigned on December 3rd, leaving the office empty and leaving the Minister of the Interior in charge of immigration until a new Secretary is found.

Ultimately, the Minister of Immigration was reinstated as a Cabinet post in 2022, with the disestabilishment of the Interior Ministry. As of 2023, processing immigration requests is again the duty of the Ministry of Immigration.


Processing requests for immigration to Talossa, which includes:

  • Sending form emails to immigrants
  • Posting applications and approving new Wittenberg accounts
  • Terminating applications and disabling accounts
  • Updating the database of immigrants and new citizens
  • Other duties as directed by the Minister of the Interior