Ladîntsch Naziunál (PermSec)

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The Ladîntsch Naziunál is a nonpartisan office of the Royal Civil Service within the Ministry of Culture.

The role is effectively an apolitical wrapper for the non-Civil Service, statutory role of Ladîntsch Naziunál, a political official of the Minister of Culture in charge of the Language Bureau. The Secretary-Ladîntsch Naziunál, a civil servant, inherits all of the duties of the political-Ladîntsch Naziunál. De facto, the two offices are merged in the Secretary-Ladîntsch Naziunál; de jure, however, the two positions remain separate.

The post was estabilished by Prime Minister Miestrâ Schivâ on June 25th 2019/XL. Iac Marscheir was appointed as the first and current Secretary Ladîntsch Naziunál, and the fourth counting the previous political appointees, on July 17th.


  • all the duties prescribed by law, in particular the current Lexhátx D.2.7.2;
  • advising and making proposals to the Government on how to promote the use of the Talossan language.