Law:El Lexhatx (historical texts)

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Version of el Lexhatx in force from until Changes
Law:46RZ4 El Lexhatx/20230206 6 february 2023/XLIV 29 march 2023/XLIV 57PD10 countersigned
Law:46RZ4 El Lexhatx/20230330 30 march 2023/XLIV 30 april 2023/XLIV 58RZ1, 58RZ4 assented
Law:46RZ4 El Lexhatx/20230501 1 may 2023/XLIV 31 may 2023/XLIV 58RZ5, 58RZ6, 58RZ7 came into force
Law:46RZ4 El Lexhatx/20230601 1 june 2023/XLIV current 58RZ11, 58RZ15, 58RZ16, 58RZ17 came into force

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