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33RZ15 — The Election Law Act

The Ziu hereby establishes guidelines for the conduct of General Elections, and instructs the office of the Secretary of State to implement them at once.

  1. The Secretary of State shall make available, through a website dedicated to this purpose, the text of the election ballot. The ballot shall, for the next federal election, contain a space for a yes or no vote on Organic Law amendments passed during this Cosâ, as well as contain spaces for provincial and senatorial voting. (The legality of votes cast for provincial and senatorial elections on the ballot shall be dependent on voters' approval of said laws in a public referendum, on the same ballot.) The ballot shall be in a .pdf or other graphical format. The ballot shall have space on it for the voter to indicate his name and relevant contact information.
  2. Any citizen of Talossa may download, make copies of, and distribute said ballot. Any citizen of Talossa may vote on the ballot and send it in, by mail, to the Office of the Secretary of State. In addition, the Office of the Secretary of State shall make available telephone and e-mail contact information so voters can cast their votes through those media. Votes posted on Wittenberg shall also be counted.
  3. All votes cast are be presumed to be valid. The validity of any vote may be challenged by any Talossan citizen after it is counted, by presenting the challenge as a case to the Uppermost Cort, with all available evidence. Should the Cort choose to hear the case, and subsequently find that a ballot has been cast or counted illegally, the final vote tally shall be adjusted to disregard the invalid vote. Special attention shall be paid to non-citizens who might attempt to forge ballots in order to interfere with or embarrass Talossa's democratic electoral process.
  4. This Act shall take effect upon public ratification of RZ14.11.04, in a public referendum; failing such ratification, this Act shall be null and void.

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