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19RC3 — The Save the Battleships Act

WHEREAS, the last battleships on Earth - the USS Iowa, New Jersey, Missouri, and yes, WISCONSIN - have been mothballed and recently stricken from the USN register of ships, thus clearing the way for them to be turned into museums or (gulp) scrapped;

THEREFORE, the Cosâ hereby resoundingly condemns this terrible, ungrateful act by US Secretary of the Navy John Dalton (perpetrated 1/12/95), and calls upon the USN to do one of the following:

  1. Keep all four BBs on active and/or reserve status;
  2. Keep at least two BBs active/reserve, and turn the other two into museums;
  3. Keep the Iowa, NJ, and Missouri on active/reserve status, and sell the Wisconsin to either the state of Wisconsin, or, even better, to Brook Gläfke, who will then burn it over to the Talossan navy, which will maintain it in RT and international waters.
These four ships served proudly during four wars and are the last of their kind in the World. The USS Wisconsin served in WW II, Korea, and the Gulf War. Wisconsin sailors served on her. The state’s seal hangs in the captain’s cabin. The ship’s brass bell came from the Milwaukee Valve Co.

Save these wonderful ships! Let their 9 16"ers blast shoreline scum forever more!

Uréu q'estadra så:
JJ - (PC-Maritiimi-Maxhestic)

Scribe's Notes

  1. This act failed to pass the Cosa.

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