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Founder: Alexandreu Davinescu

Leader: Alexandreu Davinescu

Beliefs: Atheism

National Organization for Good Objective Development (NOGOD) is a Talossan organization that seeks to ensure a secular government and mildly advocate for atheism. It was founded and is run by Alexandreu Davinescu.

Mission Statement

NOGOD seeks to draw attention to the complete lack of existence of all various deities, to protect everyone's right to their own beliefs, and to work for a better world for everyone.


  1. Remind people that there's probably no God, in a way that isn't rude.
  2. Help maintain and strengthen the norms and legal barriers that restrain any religious interference with the government.
  3. Improve the world in some way, possibly by collecting charitable funds.

NOGOD is known for opposing any action that might endanger the freedom to not believe. It is known to be more moderate than TAA.