Peculiar Way

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Peculiar Way
Leader: Danihel Lauriéir, Harrison Wozniak
Founded: July 1989
Disbanded:May 1990
Beliefs: Peculiarism

The Peculiar Way was a political party founded by Danihel Lauriéir in 1989. It was the first Peculiarist party; Peculiarism itself had been first proposed as an ideology by Lauriéir on 1 July 1989, on his return to politics since the disbanding of BFT.

Peculiar Way ran in the September 1989 General Election against the Progressive Conservative government of Jack Schneider, recently renamed Päts Vräts after the Davron schism, and the rump PC of Davron (Dave Kuenn and Ron Rosalez) themselves, in addition to Ian von Metairia's TNP. The PW went into opposition against the PV-TNP coalition, after coming in second with 35% of the vote. However, the government would fall on December 30, after PM Schneider dissolved the Cosa and resigned, triggering early elections.

In the February election, the PW won half of the vote, with a 115-100 majority thanks to the 15 seat bonus for the Prime Minister and Distain. Lauriéir would end up Prime Minister for only six days, resigning in favour of Harrison Wozniak. But as the term progressed on, Wozniak - already inactive and only propped up by Ian von Metairia - was deserted by his MCs in increasing numbers; in May, as no bills at all were on the Clark, Wozniak overwhelmingly lost the Vote of Confidence by 74 votes to 10, with only PW's Charmaine Chvala-Smith voting in favour, thus becoming the first Prime Minister to lose such a vote.

Following the loss, and with the parliamentary party essentially dormant, PW would not go on to contest the following election.