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Bob Fights Ticket
Leader: Danihel Lauriéir, Robert Murphy
Founded: December 1987
Disbanded:August 1988

Bob Fights Ticket (BFT) was the name that Danihel Lauriéir gave to his newly reformed Democratic Dandipratic Party in December 1987.


Lauriéir had founded the DDP in 1981, and the party had been merged with Frédéric Corïu's FUN in late 1986 to form PUNK; after the brief "Provisional Peculiarist Republic" experience and the crowning of King Florence, however, PUNK had disbanded, with Lauriéir accepting seats for the Progressive Conservatives and Corïu reforming FUN.

The name was chosen after King Florence I announced that she would soon be abdicating the throne, leading Lauriéir to call for Robert (Bob) Murphy to become Prime Minister and Robert Ben Madison to, again, become King. He did this with the feeling that Madison and Murphy could not politically coexist for any extended period of time (ie: the Bob fights), as they had been notorious political rivals.

The 7th Cosa

BFT won second place in the January 1988 General Election and elected Murphy as Seneschal, on a pact with the United Party. The UP would later quit the coalition and revert back to the Progressive Conservative name, but BFT continued on by grouping with other parties, but without passing any further significant bills.

BFT was instrumental in the creation of the 1988 Constituziun, as both Lauriéir and Murphy were present at the constitutional convention that drafted it in July 1988.

BFT disbanded with the end of the term; no left wing party would be on the ballot for the two following elections, until the Peculiar Way was formed for the September 1989 General Election.