People United for No King

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People United for No King
Leader: Danihel Lauriéir, Frédéric Corïu
Founded: 8 November 1986
Disbanded:August 1987
Beliefs: Republican

PUNK (People United for No King) was a political party that was formed following a merger of Danihel Lauriéir's Democratic Dandipratic Party (DDP) and Frédéric Corïu's Front United for the Nation (FUN).


Both the DDP and FUN had been operating in semi-coalition (known as the DDP-FUN bloc) since the 25th September 1986/VII when Corïu announced support for a Talossan republic, a plank that Lauriéir had been fighting on for some time prior.

On 8 November, the party leaders announced the formation of a single republican party, PUNK, which was the result of merging both their parties together. Corïu suggested as name "Party for Unity and Not a Kingdom"; Lauriéir liked the abbreviation, but changed the name to the final form.

Electoral history

PUNK won an outright majority in the March 1987 General Election for the 5th Cosa, electing 10 MCs: three former bloc members (Lauriéir, Corïu and Robert Murphy), four former members of other parties (Liberal Jean Williams, TNP's Brook Gläfke, PC's Josh Macht and Art Verbotten) and three new MCs (Antonio Riley, Vincent Jacobs and William Renzi).

PUNK explicitly ran to "dump" newly crowned King Robert II, and it indeed immediately "legislatively decapitated" him after only 47 days on the throne, creating the "Provisional Peculiar Republic of Talossa". Lauriéir noted that he would still allow for a monarchy referendum to take place at the end of the term, and the Progressive Conservatives found their candidate in Florence Yarney, a former Liberal Party leader and English teacher at Riverside High School. The referendum would take place sooner than expected, as Lauriéir dissolved the Cosa in late July.

PUNK then essentially disbanded, with Yarney winning the monarchy referendum against Madison, which Lauriéir had supported as a contrarian move; he even founded a King Ben Party, which received no votes in the following election as Lauriéir himself voted PC and went on to sit as a PC MC. As for Corïu, he reformed FUN and got his own vote, or 6.25%, in his last appearance as a national politician.