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The Metrefieir Laureat (English: Poet Laureate) of the Kingdom of Talossa is a minor officer of the Royal Household charged with the composition of poetic verse concerning Talossan public matters. The office was created by the Poet Laureate Act and is now delineated in section 1.9 of Title C of the Lexhatx.


The Poet Laureate is confirmed by the King to an indefinite term, on the advice of the Seneschal.


There has thus far been only one Poet Laureate of Talossa, the incumbent Óïn Ursüm, appointed on July 19 2013/XXXIV by King John on the advice of Seneschal Txec dal Nordselva. He has produced two published works during his tenure.

Hymn to the sea and flag

Though we are dreamers, and our numbers few,
this land is ancient, kindling hope anew,
A Berber phoenix, born in the New World.
On humble plains, beside a shining lake,
a promise, red and green, would be unfurled.

But surely this was folly, a mistake?
A sorry business never to bear fruit?
Yes, we have quarreled, and seen sorrow, yet
resilience glad and strong has taken root.

La már, el bicolor', hevelor'eu!
this land is ancient, and its dream is true.

A sunlit dream of Talossa

O people
lend me your Talossan ears, Talossan eyes,
Talossan minds, Talossan hearts,
Talossan fire, Talossan spirit;
O citizens, statespeople, cestoûrs,
and those who have fallen away:
This land of ours is luminous today,
From my perch in Maritiimi I can see the sea's span
I can taste the sunlight bouncing on the rooftops
of tidy shops, and the burnished windows of bustling bars.
I see sunrays jumping out of la már Talossán,
God's largesse of light upon our homeland.

And now the glow of this cosmic azul
reveals the soul of my people: it is true
that we often find ourselves factious,
belligerent, bicker-blue, thinking
that the only thing worse than arguing
is having no argument to renew.
But beyond this characteristic
Talossan trait of disputatiousness,
our blood is brewed hearty like beer;
when we craft more, we argue less,
we have fixed ourselves on living out our legend,
our history vast with a future just as long.
And even when we sit still we still remain
an untapped cauldron of stories.
an unbroached fountain of song.

Funny nation, nation of fun;
The flag that once was rent is once more one!
This quirky diaspora often muses wisely
and despite its scattering muses often as one.
Cheery nation, nation of cheer
The hope-songs of the past are with us here
When the air is still I sense that still they are with us.
The unghostly ghosts of Taloçáit heroes
The sprightly spirits of snow-covered nomads
The call of our ancestors in Visconçâ near the Manáweg
The confident cry of our founding king.
It is said that a room can be a kingdom
It is said the goal is lesser than the journey
It is said that our endeavours must be worthy
It is said that true goodwill engenders freedom.

Rejoice, Abbavilla! Rejoice and Talossa rejoices!
Rejoice, Flúviâ! Rejoice Montevúdio! The world dreams of your streets;
Rejoice, Cézembre! They are many, who long for your shores;
Rejoice Port Maxhestic! The sun will fade before you are silent;
Rejoice, you ports and parishes! The stars will fall before you are still;
Rejoice, all you cantons! The cliffs will crumble before you are conquered;
Rejoice, all you provinces! The seas will recede before you are vanquished;
Rejoice, knights and barons!
Rejoice, counts and dukes!
Rejoice, clan of the king!
Rejoice, all citizens!
Rejoice, all people!

For years to come, I know that we
will gain the luminous blessing bright,
and even after we are gone, not a year will pass
without the glance of that radiant light
upon the Talossan sea.

List of Poets Laureate

  1. Óïn Ursüm, July 19 2013/XXXIV – retired
  2. Carlüs Éovart Vilaçafat, November 19, 2022/XXXXIII - incumbent