Róibeard Laira

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BEER Head Róibeard Laira with Talossa's Laramie Rose.

Róibeard Cresti Laira (Robert Christian Laira, b. 19 April 1974) is a citizen of Talossa and of Florencia Province.

Laira became a Talossan citizen on 30 December 2007. He has been the Head of the Bureau of Space Exploration and Rocketry (Büreu d'Esploraziun Espaçal es Rac'hetría, or BEER) since the bureau was first established.

A veteran of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, Laira was a key member of the team of scientists responsible for the robotic arms on one of the Mars Exploration Rovers. He relocated to Wyoming to start his own private space exploration business, SpeedUp, and began construction with his team on the Laramie Rose, an entrant in the Lunar Landing Challenge X-Prize competitions. Through sponsorship funded by citizens of Talossa, the rocket was established as the first vehicle in the space program of the Kingdom of Talossa, and bears the Talossan flag.

Personal Life

Laira resides in Laramie, Wyoming USA with his wife and fellow Talossan Aspra Laira and their three Talossan Dandelions, Novala, Pol, and No'ac'ha.