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The heraldic badges described below are held by Talossan citizens. As per the Talossan Rules of Heraldry, "badges and banners may be adopted by armigers at will, but they should be registered with the College of Arms. Members of a household may all display the badge of the head of the household, or they may adopt their own badge. Badges may also be used for display on personal possessions."

Badges are personal devices, as opposed to arms, which are inheritable. Badges often derive inspiration from the holder's arms, but this is not considered a requirement.

This registry is provided in part to help prospective badge holders avoid choosing a badge too similar to another already in use.

Escußeins dals Citaxhiéns

Holder Badge Description
Alexandreu Davinescu Davinescubadge.png A corvid feather from Davinescu's crest, laid over his armorial colors within a hexagon.
Txec dal Nordselva Txec badge1.png A circular field quartered white and blue, bearing a red elephant with a red tower on its back. Dal Nordselva is the Rouge Elephant Herald within the Royal College of Arms.
Danihel Txechescu TxechescuBadge.png An adaptation of Txechescu's arms on a circular escutcheon.
Carlüs Vilaçafat Carlus-badge.png A lozenge vert with bordure potenty argent, and over all a bee or.