Royal Civil Service Commission

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Current Head: defunct
Function: To appoint and dismiss Permanent Secretaries

The Royal Civil Service Commission was the office dedicated to the administration of the Royal Civil Service. It is headed by the Royal Civil Service Commissioner.

Pursuant to the Royal Civil Service (Establishment) Bill of 2018, which reformed and unified the Royal Household and the old Civil Service, the Commission was responsible for appointing and dismissing Permanent Secretaries to any Cabinet ministry and other nonpartisan officers. Previously to that, the function of the current Commission were performed by an office simply known as "Civil Service" and headed by a similarly named Commissioner.

It is not to be confused with the Civil Service Commission, a five member Standing Committee of the Cosa that existed between 2015 and 2018 and tasked with overseeing the old Civil Service.

The Royal Civil Service Commission was abolished in May 2019 with the Civil Service (Commissioner Abolition) Bill.


The only Commissioner was the Hon. Flip Molinar, nominated by Prime Minister Ian Plätschisch, confirmed by the Ziu without objection and appointed by the King on November 1st 2018/XXXIX. He ceased to hold the office upon abolition in May 2019.