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Past Press Releases

Royal Governor Co-Sponsoring Provincial-hood Legislation!

Royal Governor Co-Sponsors "Once More, Into the Breach Act"

Throws his full support behind Act; Urges PER vote as Péngöpäts's Cosa Representative.

The Governor when asked for input on this press release commented, "Umm...I believe the title covers it all."

Munditenens Tresplet
Governor of Péngöpäts

Governor in Cosa--Representing Péngöpäts

Quick Flash: The Royal Governor, Munditenens Tresplet, posted this recently in Witt regarding an amendment to OrgLaw which would strike Section 5 of Article VIII, the ceremonial representation of a geographic area:

"As the recently appointed Governor of Péngöpäts, I hereby declare my ceremonial representation of Pengöpäts as an MC in the 44th Cosa, until such time as Péngöpäts is afforded proper representation in our Senäts. Therefore, at this time and under these circumstances, I oppose this amendment.

Munditenens Tresplet
Governor of Péngöpäts"
Link to Witt posting.

Honorary Citizens Needed For Péngöpäts Web Presence


--July 12th, 2012--

SOMEWHERE IN PENGOPATS: Munditenens (Dien) Tresplet, recently appointed Royal Governor of

Péngöpäts, today realized he could not completely and fully bring Péngöpäts onto the TalossaWiki without the assistance of volunteers from throughout the Kingdom.

"Today I realized I could not do all these pages by myself," Dien said, "and still try to work on

other, somewhat more important projects."

The "somewhat" lazy, ill-prioritized Governor--who has good intentions--promised any volunteer

who helps out with editing substantial compensation:

"Any citizen of the Kingdom who helps out, and wishes to be recognized for his works, shall be

given a virtual pat on the back, a Userbox honoring his help on the pages, and" Dien paused, "...and an Honorary Grant of Residency into the Territory of Péngöpäts."

Several notable Péngöpäts residents questioned his possibly controversial decision to grant

honorary residency to the volunteers. One resident remarked, "I don't give one flipper whether or not he is the Governor, the only residents of Péngöpäts are and should be penguins!"

Another resident was quoted as saying, "This decision could meet some backlash from higher-ups,

and possibly from the King himself, as this decision is unprecedented and has not been done by any Governor in the past."

Tresplet isn't worried: "Let's face it. Honorary Grants of Residency don't mean anything.

Péngöpäts is a territory, not a province, which makes the Honorary Grants mean even less."

In past sessions, the Ziu, the Kingdom's legislative body, has had bills introduced to make the

icy territory of Péngöpäts an icy province, opening it up to new immigration as well as affording it representation in the Senäts. RUMP, the party who regularly introduces the bills, always argues and ensures their defeat once the bill is Clark-ed.

Governor Tresplet, a known RUMP member, has recently been shown to be outspoken for

provincial-hood, promising that as an MC in future Cosas he will symbolically represent the territory, and help introduce legislation to make Péngöpäts a proper province. He is also rumored to toss his hat in for the first Senator of Péngöpäts if such legislation passes.

If the bill does pass, Governor Tresplet, a Maricopan citizen, would be allowed to run for Senate

in the sparsely-populated area thanks to the expected passage of Amendment 43RZ36, which allows for any citizen to run for a Senate seat, regardless of whether or not they are a resident of the province that the seat represents.

But for now, the territory remains a territory, and one that apparently needs some virtual


If you would like to help out, drop a message in Talk:Royal Governor's Office/Volunteers.
As Governor Tresplet so eloquently put it: "We already know you will help out--we're on Péngöpäts

time-travel time."


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