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King Robert I in 1980, the year of Støtanneu's foundation

Støtanneu (pronounced [støˈtanːɪʊ̯]) was a newspaper founded 1980/I by King Robert I (Ben Madison). The original name of the paper was Støtannet, which Madison took to mean the tusk in Norwegian (actually støttannen), and was later Talossanised as Støtanneu.

Støtanneu was active from its foundation to the abdication of Ben Madison, although the creation of the Kingdom's bulletin board Wittenberg actually shrinked its activity.


Much of Støtanneu (especially before the Cybercit era) was written in Talossan, a language that, at the time of the foundation of the newspaper, was spoken only by Madison [1]. A huge percentage of the Talossan lexicon was created while writing the newspaper's issues. Also, in the older issues there are some words that are no longer in the dictionary.

Later History

During the Cybercit era, Støtanneu came to be published online and in English, and publication became increasingly intermittent. In its last incarnation, after Madison's departure from Talossa, Støtanneu was the name of the message forum for his Talossan Émigré Community.