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Albrec'ht Mananséir, the first Cybercit Prime Minister

A Cybercit, short for cyber citizen, is a citizen of Talossa who does not live in the Greater Talossan Area. The term was coined by Robert I and stood in opposition to Old Growth Talossans, those who lived in the GTA and generally were personal acquaintances of Robert.

Cybercits began appearing once the kingdom began to spread its focus from face-to-face meetings to the internet. Geoffrey D. Toumayan, the 19th Prime Minister of Talossa, was instrumental in bringing Talossa into the internet age by placing the kingdom online on 15 January 1996/XVII, which created a large influx of new cybercits.

The first group of Cybercits was known as Mercury 7, was admitted on 1 June 1996/XVII, and included Chris Collins, Sean Hert, Gjermund Higraff, Marc-André Dowd, Cheneþ Velméir and Albrec'ht Mananséir. Hert would soon be appointed Secretary of State, Higraff, Dowd and Velméir would enter politics by founding the ZPT, and Mananséir would later become the 20th Prime Minister as Talossa's first cybercit Seneschal.

Cybercits and Immigration Reform

Legislation Affecting Cybercits