Mercury 7

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The Mercury 7 were the nickname of the first group of cybercits to immigrate Talossa. The name was a reference to the first group of astronauts selected by NASA to take part in its first human spaceflight program.

They do not actually represent the first Talossan citizens from abroad: Frédéric Corïu holds that honour, as a native of France and an acquaintance made by Robert I in his 1982 visit to the country that culminated in the annexation of Cézembre.

Despite the name, the group was composed of six people:

All members of the Mercury 7 were voted on by the Cosa in the first Clark of the 21st Cosa (21RC03-08), and gained citizenship on June 1st 1996/XVII.

The subsequent group of cybercits who joined Talossa later in 1996 included Marcüs Pitz, Evan Gallagher, Mark Franklin, Márcüs Cantaloûr, Ryan Hughes and Josh Freeburg.