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R. Márcüs Cantaloûr (Mark Hamilton) is a former citizen of Talossa and of Atatürk province. He became a Talossan citizen on 1 October 1996, and served in a number of offices, including in the Senate.

Throughout his tenure, he was known as an extremely loyal and devoted friend and political ally of Robert I. During the events that led to the formation of the Talossan Republic, Cantaloûr was serving as regent for the vacationing Robert I.

Cantaloûr served as Seneschal during the 34th Cosa, and was Seneschal at the time of his own renunciation of citizenship on 16 August 2005, in sympathy with Robert I, who had renounced earlier that day. These renunciations sparked a constitutional crisis, as a General Election was mandated by Organic Law to begin on 15 September, and Cantaloür had left office without having named a successor in the office of Secretary of State (an office that had been held by Robert I). Cantaloûr's Distain, Xhorxh Asmour, contacted after the renunciations, failed to take the oath of office and exercise the powers of the Seneschal to name a Secretary of State by a court-appointed deadline, and the Court, acting as a Council of Regency, named Fritz von Buchholtz to succeed Cantaloûr as Prime Minister.

Cantaloûr, as one of the remaining close allies of Talossa's founder, was a citizen of the Talossan Émigré Community from its inception in 2007/XXVIII to its closure in 2011/XXXII.


Preceded by
Gary Cone
15 February 2005/XXVI - 16 August 2005/XXVI
Succeeded by
Fritz von Buchholtz
Preceded by
Martì Páir Furxhéir
Senator for Atatürk
33rd Cosa - Dissolution of the 34th Cosa
Succeeded by
Ian von Metairia