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Xhorxh Asmour (Jorge de Oliveira, b. December 6th, 1955, d. September 2nd, 2017) was a citizen of Talossa from February 21st 2003 to his death in September 2017.

He was initially a citizen of Maricopa, then briefly of Maritiimi-Maxhestic upon his return to the Kingdom and until Reunision, upon which he was moved to Fiovă.

A native of Recife, Brazil, he initially was a member of the MN, and first entered the Cosa in 2004 after the exodus that created the Republic of Talossa. The following year, in the events surrounding Ben Madison's final renounciation, he was most famous for being the sitting Distain, the deputy prime minister, in Márcüs Cantaloûr's cabinet. Upon Cantalour's renunciation of citizenship, Asmour was technically acting Seneschal, but he had been absent for quite some time due to personal grief and his computer being disconnected in the process of renovating his home. As such, the power void that was created was only solved through the emergency appointment of Fritz von Buchholtz by the Uppermost Court. Despite initially being inclined to follow most of the Madison loyalists in quitting Talossa, Asmour stayed, later stating thar he "always disagreed with [Ben] about most of the things he did".

In the post-Ben era, he returned to active Talossanity in 2007; he founded and led the CCCP, and was appointed President of the Royal Bank & Post by Finance Minister Ian Danois. He would ultimately be elevated as Finance Minister upon Danois being reshuffled to Foreign Minister in the Second La Mha Cabinet. In both capacities, he was at the head of the first efforts to design and produce coinage and stamps, both of which would only come to fruition much later.

An English language instructor and translator, Asmour was one of the people who joined the Comità per l'Útzil del Glheþ in an effort to revive the language. He served as President of CUG during the momentous days of the 2007 Arestada, until switching to the Republic in 2010. Asmour was also an Esperantist and conlanger in his own right, creating Montsim and Paqatyl, the latter described by him as "a democratic, unbiased and thoroughly regular auxlang"[1].

Asmour later (2009) became a member of the FGP, the refounded ZPT - during whose tenure he founded and edited news outlet GLÜM, "the Talossan Headlight" - and finally the Progressive Party. On May 22nd 2010, Asmour announced he would renounce his citizenship and move to the Republic, in protest of the then-active ban on membership in any micronation, in support of reunifying Kingdom and Republic and, seemingly, in reaction to the political climate that had seen other Progressive politicians renounce or threaten to leave, including Flip Molinar and Alèxandreu Soleighlfred. Asmour had been advocating for closer ties between Republic and Kingdom for a while, such as by running a "Pan-Talossan Cafe" cross-community forum[2].

Asmour would return to the Kingdom on March 12th 2012, becoming the first person to take advantage of a law bypassing normal immigration, through a petition by then-Seneschal Litz Cjantscheir. He later would be followed by most of the Republic's citizens as part of the formal process of Reunision. He briefly formed the peculiarist APT together with Dieter Vercáriâ, but the party did not go on to contest the subsequent election to the 44th Cosa and became dormant.

Asmour passed away in early September 2017 due to a sudden heart attack. He was commemorated through a national day of mourning on September 12th, and a provincial day of mourning in Fiovă the following day.

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