Ministry of Finance

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Ministry of Finance
Current Head: The Rt Hon. Baron Alexandreu Davinescu MC
Deputies: Vacant
Function: Manages investment and expense from the Royal Treasury

The Ministry of Finance (La Ministrà dal Finançù, pronounced [ɫɐ minisˈtɾaː ðɐw fɪnɐnˈsu], sometimes known as "MinFin") is responsible for setting and implementing the economic policies of the Kingdom, requesting and receiving disbursals from the Royal Treasury, and directing the course of investment to be followed by the treasury for the balance of the royal funds.

The Ministry of Finance also normally serves as Chairman of the Royal Bank & Post (Banqeu es Post Rexhital). The Bank & Post is the solitary bureau under the purview of this ministry, and is responsible for the design, minting, printing, valuation, distribution, and redemption of all national currency, postage, and commemoratives.

The current Minister is the Rt Hon. Baron Alexandreu Davinescu MC.


Despite the usual status of the Ministry of Finance (or equivalent offices) as one of the most important posts of other national governments, the Talossan Ministry of Finance was only first appointed in 2005 under the Von Buchholtz Cabinet, and officially estabilished by the Cabinet Refinishing Act of 2006, which created the modern Cabinet structure. Before then, the duties of the current Ministry were split between the Burgermeister of Inland Revenue and the Chairman of the Royal Bank & Post.

The title of Minister of Finance was originally only a secondary title for the Chairman of the Royal Bank & Post, when invited by the Government of the day to sit in the Cabinet. With time, and with the Ministry of Finance being officially created, the title of Chairman of the Royal Bank & Post became in turn a secondary title, and is today used only infrequently.

List of Ministers of Finance

This is a list of all the Ministers of Finance that have taken office since the position was created in late 2005. Note that the title was initially a secondary title for the Chairman of the Royal Bank & Post when invited to sit in the Cabinet; the full Ministry was only estabilished by the Cabinet Refinishing Act in 2006.

Even though the post of Minister of Finance outgrew the original title of Chairman, both posts still exist in legislation and are always assigned to the same person. Therefore, this list is also a list of all Chairmen of the Royal Bank & Post since 2005, but does not include the previous appointees as the role was created in May 1999.

The first two appointments were made as Chairman of the Royal Bank & Post; from the Tecladeir Cabinet onwards, the appointments were made as Minister of Finance.

Ten Minister Party Took Office Cabinet
1 1 The Rt Hon. Javier Gold Conservative Loyalist Party 29 December 2005 Von Buchholtz Cabinet
2 2 The Rt Hon. Nikü Spyropoulos Random Unilateral Movement Party 5 April 2006 Von Buchholtz Cabinet
The Rt Hon. Senator Nikü Spyropoulos Tecladeir Cabinet
3 3 The Rt Hon. Ián P. Danôis MC Cézembre Reunification Organization 19 April 2007 First La Mha Cabinet
4 4 The Rt Hon. Xhorxh Asmour MC Cybercits' and Cünmilvoc'hteirs' Coalition Party 21 January 2008 Second La Mha Cabinet
Ventrutx Cabinet
5 5 The Rt Hon. Cjara Brainerd MC Remove Useless Ministers Party 22 February 2009 Ventrutx Cabinet
Really Unpopular Majority Party Canun Cabinet
6 6 The Rt Hon. Danihel Z. Forestal Raßemblamaintsch Unusual dels Misfätsilor Pareßeis 25 April 2010 Davinescu Cabinet
7 7 The Most Hon. Litz Cjantscheir MC Restent Uçind ár Mocts Previösen 29 January 2011 First Cjantscheir Cabinet
Restent Utramaßind els Muiteux Progreßíus Second Cjantscheir Cabinet
8 8 The Rt Hon. Istefan Perþonest Independent 23 July 2012 Third La Mha Cabinet
Da Chilseu Cabinet
The Rt Hon. Istefan Perþonest MC Independent Party Dal Nordselva Cabinet
The Rt Hon. Istefan Perþonest Independent Da Dhi Cabinet
9 9 The Rt Hon. Owen Edwards Independent Progressive 9 May 2014 Da Dhi Cabinet
The Rt Hon. Owen Edwards MC Progressive Party First Da Schir Cabinet
10 10 The Rt. Hon. Senator Lüc da Schir Moderate Radicals 27 June 2015 Xheraltescu Cabinet
11 11 The Rt Hon. M.T. Patritz da Biondeu MC Free Democrats of Talossa 22 December 2015 Xheraltescu Cabinet
12 12 The Rt Hon. Alexandreu Davinescu, UrN MC Raziunavalmint Üccitour Movamaintsch da Practicalità 4 April 2016 Siervicül Cabinet
13 13 The Rt Hon. Senator Munditenens Tresplet Free Democrats of Talossa 31 January 2017 Second Da Schir Cabinet
14 14 The Rt Hon. C. Carlüs Xheraltescu Free Democrats of Talossa 24 October 2017 Third Da Schir Cabinet
The Rt Hon. C. Carlüs Xheraltescu MC First Plätschisch Cabinet
15 The Rt Hon. Munditenens Tresplet MC Free Democrats of Talossa 7 April 2019 First Schivâ Cabinet
16 The Rt Hon. Litz Cjantscheir MC Peculiar Nationalist Party 16 December 2019 Second Schivâ Cabinet
17 The Most Hon. Miestrâ Schivâ MC Free Democrats of Talossa 21 September 2020 Third Schivâ Cabinet
15 18 The Rt Hon. Senator Ian Plätschisch League of Centre Conservatives 21 July 2021 T. Davinescu Cabinet
The Most Hon. Senator Ian Plätschisch Free Democrats of Talossa Second Plätschisch Cabinet
16 19 The Rt Hon. Baron Alexandreu Davinescu MC Talossan National Congress 25 Feb 2023 Tzaracomprada Cabinet

Financial reports

In obedience to statutory law, the Ministry of Finance regularly releases reports on the finances of the Kingdom, for the inspection of all citizens.

Register of Talossan Enterprises

None at this time.