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The letter of majority for the Tzaracomprada government.

The Cabinet of Breneir Tzaracomprada was the government of Talossa for resulting from the 58th General Election and was inaugurated on February 25th 2023/XLIV. It was the Kingdom's first one-party majority government in a decade. As promised in its election platform for the purpose of administrative efficiency, the portfolios of Defence and Foreign Affairs and Culture and STUFF were combined.

This Government was responsible for the Second Catchment Area Reform Act (the first updating to the Kingdom's immigration areas in a decade), the implementation of the National Skills Initiative as a part of the 2023 Census, the re-creation and distribution of the national IDs after the property was not transferred, the distribution of celebratory certificates for Talossans at milestone citizenship dates, and the revitalization of the BHAID. Early in its term, the Government was faced with the 2023 Wittpocalypse which led to data loss and temporary inaccessibility to the national websites. The Government also set a record in its responsiveness to an unprecedented number of Opposition terpelaziuns.


Party key   Talossan National Congress
Breneir Tzaracomprada Cabinet
25 Feb - 12 Nov 2023
Portfolio Minister Term
Cabinet ministers
Prime Minister   The Most Hon. Senator Breneir Tzaracomprada 25 February - 31 October 2023
Immigration Minister
Deputy Prime Minister The Rt Hon. Baron Alexandreu Davinescu MC 25 February - 12 November 2023
Finance Minister 25 February - 12 November 2023
Justice Minister
Defence Minister The Rt Hon. Bråneu Excelsio MC 13 September 2022 - 12 November 2023
Foreign Affairs Minister 25 February - 12 November 2023
Technology Minister The Rt Hon. Danihel Txechescu 25 February - 12 November 2023
Culture Minister The Rt Hon. Carlüs Éovart Vilaçafat MC 25 February - 12 November 2023
STUFF Minister