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Fritz von Buchholtz was appointed Seneschal by the Uppermost Court on 20 August 2005, as an emergency response to the exodus of Robert I and most of his loyalists, including the previous Prime Minister, Marcus Cantalour.

The Cabinet represented a mostly clean break with the past; the exceptions being Quedeir Castiglha, formerly a member of the Black Hand who joined the CLP, and Weston Erni, who represented Robert I's interests in Erni v. Talossa, after which he faded into inactivity and dropped out.

This was the first Cabinet to feature the post of Finance Minister, a post whose tasks was previously performed by the non-Cabinet Burgermeister of Inland Revenue, either informally or as a statutory position, and whose authority was at that time derived by its dual office as the Chairman of the Royal Bank and Post; and this was also the last Cabinet with a Wargames Minister, a role often seen in the Ben Era.

Party key   Conservative Loyalist Party
  Random Unilateral Movement Party
Buchholtz Cabinet
Portfolio Minister
Cabinet ministers
Prime Minister The Most Hon. Fritz von Buchholtz MC
Deputy Prime Minister The Rt. Hon. Ma la Mha MC
Foreign Affairs Minister [1] The Rt Hon. Samuhel Tecladeir MC
Finance Minister[2]
Chairman of the Royal Bank & Post
The Rt Hon. Javier Gold
Attorney General[3]
Justice Minister
The Rt Hon. Quedeir Castiglha MC
Immigration Minister The Rt Hon. Corrine de Winter MC
Defence Minister[4] The Rt Hon. Joe Clark
The Rt Hon. Trotxâ Betiñéir MC
Culture Minister [5] The Rt Hon. Victor Idowu
STUFF Minister [6] The Rt Hon. Don Deutschmann MC
Also attending Cabinet
Women's Affairs Minister [7] The Rt Hon. Maureen O'Hara MC
Wargames Minister The Rt Hon. Weston Erni
The Rt Hon. Jason Buchholtz