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Sir Samuhel Tecladeir, UrN

Samuhel Tecladeir (Samuel Tyler) is a citizen of Talossa. Tecladeir served as Seneschal during the 36th Cosa.

Acquainted with Baron Hooligan through the Diplomacy gameplay hobby, Tecladeir (like Sir X. Pol Briga) responded to a mass email sent by Hooligan to interest Diplomacy players in investigating citizenship in Talossa. Doing so, Tecladeir found himself interested and became a Talossan citizen on 22 August 2005.

Tecladeir became a member of the Conservative Loyalist Party and was chosen by that party to serve as the successor to Fritz von Buchholtz as Seneschal for the 36th Cosa, having served as Foreign Minister in the previous administration.

During his term as Seneschal, Tecladeir negotiated and signed an "Agreement of Friendship and Understanding" with the Talossan Republic.

Tecladeir was awarded the Medal of Cincinnatus, and was knighted into the Order for the Nation on the completion of his service as Prime Minister.

Tecladeir is a citizen of Florencia province, and resides in Auburn, Washington in the United States, with his wife and children.


Preceded by
Fritz von Buchholtz
15 July 2006/XXVII - 18 April 2007/XXVIII
Succeeded by
Baron Hooligan