Order of the Cincinnatus

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The Order of the Cincinnatus is a special decoration, awarded by the King to those who exhibit "acts of extraordinary Talossanicity in the face of opposition." The name of the award is a reference to a legendary figure in early Rome, Cincinnatus. Cincinnatus was famed for legally accepting the position of dictator, to lead Rome when it was under attack, only to surrender his unmatched power once the danger had passed.

The Order was originally created to honour those former members of the Conservative Loyalist Party who held fast to principle in the last days of King Ben's rule, yet declined to cement their own dominant position in the turbulent era after the Abdication, permitting the blossoming of democracy in Talossa. The Order was established by statutory law 37RZ8 (The Clipper Act). Recipients are entitled to append "Cin." to their formal names, as a mark of their honour.