Prime Minister's Patriotic Award

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The Prime Minister's Patriotic Award is an award instituted on 10 January 2006. Seneschal Fritz von Buchholtz was hospitalised at the time, and Acting Seneschal Ma la Mha created and announced the honour, providing governmental recognition for efforts expended in recruiting new and worthy citizens into the Kingdom.

The PMP Award is given to each Talossan citizen who is identified by another citizen as having invited him or her to immigrate to Kingdom, after the date of the institution of the award. At the first award received by a person, a medal is given, with a single bead hung below, and for each additional award, another bead is added to the medal. Different size and coloured beads are used to represent multiple awards.

The award is not given for the addition of dandelions to the Kingdom, only for new adult citizens who immigrate of their own accord.

Members of the nobility and knights are ineligible for the award, although any awards earned by such persons before receiving a peerage or knighthood are retained by them.


The following Talossans have been granted the Prime Minister's Patriotic Award:

* Note: Sir Trotxâ earned his award before receiving his knighthood.