Davíu Lundescu

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Davíu Lundescu

Davíu Lundescu (David Alan Lundquist, b. 5 June 1990) was a Talossan citizen from the province of Maritiimi-Maxhestic.

Lundescu originally found Talossa as the Prime Minister of the "Commonwealth of Dragon Isle," seeking the opening of diplomatic relations with the Kingdom. After his request was denied, Lundescu chose to emigrate instead. He became a Talossan citizen on 12 October 2011. For a brief period (January through March 2012/XXXIII) he returned to his micronation, but he soon returned to Talossa.

Lundescu served as Member of the Cosa for the Progressive Party, and simultaneously served as Immigration Minister on the Third La Mha Cabinet, to the disapproval of some of his party's members.

Lundescu has significant experience in the armed forces of both the United States (where he has served in the Coast Guard Auxiliary since September of 2010 and been serving along-side the USCG Judge Advocate since February 2012) and Talossa (where he has been a Mastenot in the Royal Talossan Navy since October of 2011).

Preceded by
Brad Holmes
Minister of Defense
19 Apr 2013/XXXIV - 24 Jan 2014/XXXV
Succeeded by
Mximo Carbonèl
Preceded by
Baron Hooligan
Minister of Immigration
23 July 2012/XXXIII - 14 December 2012/XXXIII
Succeeded by
Audradâ d'Aurìbuérg
Member of Cosa 43rd  44th  
Preceded by
Alexandreu Davinescu
Grand General Secretary of Maritiimi-Maxhestic
21 Apr 2013/XXXIV - 4 May 2013/XXXIV
Succeeded by
M.T. Patritz da Biondeu
Member of the Assembly of Maritiimi-Maxhestic 7th