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Dandelion is a term used to describe Talossan citizens who have not yet reached the voting age of 14 years of age. However, in theory, a Dandelion who reaches maturity and maintains his or her Talossan citizenship retains the right to be called a Dandelion.

The term dates to the early years of Talossa, and many theories abound regarding its origin. Among these are the fact that children, like dandelion weeds, tend to pop up when and where they are least expected, and grow and multiply rapidly.

Children born to or adopted by Talossan citizens are Dandelions by nature. Children who are alive at the time their parent or parents become Talossan, and who are themselves made citizens, are also Dandelions. Such citizens are distinguished by also being known as "Broad-Leaf Dandelions".

As of April of 2014, Talossa's population includes 31 Dandelions. Although Talossa has seen many Dandelions come and go, only one Dandelion has become a voting citizen. This distinction belongs to No'ac'h Ventrutx, son of Ieremiac'h Ventrutx, who registered as a citizen in late-December of 2013.

The process by which a dandelion is able to formally accept their citizenship when they come of age is easier than the normal immigration process.