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Royal Treasury
Current Head: X. Pol Briga
Function: To maintain, safeguard, and manage all fees and funds of the Kingdom.

The Royal Treasury, headed by the Burgermeister of Inland Revenue, is responsible for the safe custody of all property of the Crown, financial or otherwise. The Treasury is obliged to report to the government of the day as regards the balance and disposition of funds being held, to receive all fees and other funds collected by the Government or other Royal Offices, and to release funds for expenditure, or commit funds for investment, as directed by the government and authorized by law.

Financial reports from the Royal Treasury can be found in the Glass Archives.

Burgermeister of Inland Revenue

The most recent former Burgermeister of Inland Revenue was Txec dal Nordselva, appointed in 2022 and was the seventh Talossan to serve as the chief Treasury official.

The current Burgermeister of Inland Revenue is X. Pol Briga. Briga is the eighth Talossan to serve as the chief Treasury official.

The position was first created by 9RZ3 in 1989 to oversee the Account of Inland Revenue; the name was proposed by then-PM Thomas Buffone. It laid dormant for a long time, as the account was underutilised or empty. It was therefore repealed by 19RZ7 in 1995, and then re-estabilished in 2005.

List of Burgermeisters (2005-present)

Burgermeisters Appointed on Appointed by
Gregory Rajala 20 Jul 2005/XXVI Samuhel Tecladeir
Allen Simmerman 16 Feb 2006/XXVII Fritz von Buchholtz
Fritz von Buchholtz 27 Jun 2008/XXIX Ma la Mha
Bleic'h Ianescu 16 May 2012/XXXIII Litz Cjantscheir
M.T. Patritz da Biondeu 11 Feb 2013/XXXIV Çesli da Chilseu
Istefan Perþonest 16 Jul 2013/XXXIV Txec dal Nordselva
Txec dal Nordselva 23 Jul 2022/XLIII Ian Plätschisch
X. Pol Briga 25 Feb 2023/XLIV Baron Alexandreu Davinescu

Offices of the Royal Civil Service
Royal Society