Third Válcadác'h Cabinet

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Gödafrïeu Válcadác'h was appointed Prime Minister on December 2nd, 2003, for a second and final stint at the Seneschalsqab after a much longer one between June 2002 and October 2003.

Válcadác'h had been ousted after the elections for the 32nd Cosa by a coalition pact between the MN and ZPT, which brought into power Mximo Carbonél in a move widely criticised by Válcadác'h and Opposition Leader Michael Pope's Progressive Conservatives, which viewed it as a provocation. Válcadác'h planned to lead a transition cabinet until the end of the year, but that didn't materialise when the MN's leaders, Robert I, Weston Erni and Quedéir Castiglhâ, were informed that the PC allegedly planned to have Tamorán dal Navâ replace Válcadác'h, the former having been embroiled in an acrimonious spat with the King and his party.

In the culmination of the Halloween Crisis, the ZPT's Xheralt Conâ's Cosa seats were ultimately transferred to the PC, depriving Carbonel of a majority. Carbonel stepped down, and the four parties in the Cosa - MN, PC, ZPT and GCP - agreed to have Válcadác'h resume his post as Prime Minister, as a transition towards an unity government led by a more acceptable MN politician.

Party key   Progressive Conservatives
  La Mhà Nheagrâ
  Grey Congress Party
Third Válcádac'h Cabinet
Portfolio Minister
Cabinet ministers
Prime Minister The Most Hon. Gödafrïeu Válcadác'h MC
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister to the Provinces
Keeper of the Hatchments
The Rt. Hon. Quedéir Castiglhâ MC
Foreign Affairs Minister The Rt Hon. Michael Pope MC
Immigration Minister The Rt Hon. Andreas Lorentz MC
Attorney General
Justice Minister
The Rt Hon. Ben Madison MC
Culture Minister
Defence Minister The Rt Hon. Ián von Metáiriâ MC
STUFF Minister The Rt Hon. Martì-Paìr Furxhéir MC
Also attending Cabinet
Minister of Propaganda The Rt Hon. Tamorán dal Navâ MC
Minister of Silly Walks The Rt Hon. Brook Pànetâ