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Márcüs Cantaloûr was appointed Prime Minister on 16 February 2005 to succeed Xheralt Conâ. The oath of office was administered by Robert I by phone.

This was the last Cabinet to feature Robert I loyalists, and the last of his era as King.

Infamously, the Cabinet included the CLP's leader Fritz von Buchholtz as Immigration Minister. A row between Robert and von Buchholtz about the influx of immigrants that were friends of the former (among them, Ma la Mha) led to an acrimonious spat between the two and their factions, leading to Robert's ultimate demise and the exit from Talossa of a large number of his loyalists.

Cantaloûr himself left Talossa on August 15, a week before the end of the last Clark, technically leaving Xhorxh Asmour Prime Minister. However, Asmour had long been absent due to personal grief, and had briefly returned to renounce his citizenship due to the events surrounding Robert's demise; even though that renounciation was retracted, Asmour would not return to activity, and the whole cabinet (including the Seneschalsqab) effectively was in a power void until von Buchholtz was appointed as Prime Minister by the Uppermost Court on August 20.

Party key   La Mhà Nheagrâ
  Conservative Loyalist Party
Cantaloûr Cabinet
Portfolio Minister
Cabinet ministers
Prime Minister The Most Hon. Senator Márcüs Cantaloûr
Deputy Prime Minister The Rt. Hon. Xhorxh Asmour MC
Foreign Affairs Minister The Rt Hon. Senator Amy Durnford
Immigration Minister The Rt Hon. Fritz von Buchholtz MC
Attorney General
Justice Minister
The Rt Hon. Weston Erni MC
Culture Minister Vacant
Defence Minister The Rt Hon. Pete Hottelet MC
The Rt Hon. Joe Clark MC
STUFF Minister Vacant