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Cheneþ Tric'hard Velméir (Kenneth Richard Oplinger) was a citizen of Talossa and of Florencia province. One of Talossa's first cybercits, he became a Talossan citizen on 1 June 1996/XVII, and renounced his citizenship on 21 August 2005 after the abdication of Robert I.

Velméir was the founder and leader of the Zefençadéirs dal Päts Talossán, the moderate opposition to the Ben backed Progressive Conservative governments of the late 1990s. He represented that party both in the Cosa and subsequently in the Senate, sitting in the Ziu between 1997 and 2001.

Velméir was appointed to the Uppermost Court on June 1998, and served as Senior Justice between October 2003 and his renounciation. In that capacity, he delivered three important rulings in 2004; two concerning the debate over electoral law, and one effectively barred the government led by Quedeir Castiglha from prosecuting the founders of the Republic of Talossa for treason.


Preceded by
Gary Schwichtenberg
Senator for Maricopa
25th Cosa (Clark 5) - 29th Cosa (Clark 1)
Succeeded by
Albrec'ht Stolfi