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TalossaFest is an annual festival, party, and get-together of Talossans. Traditionally, TalossaFest happens in the Greater Talossan Area (GTA) in the summer (June through August), although TalossaFests have become increasingly more international. The festival allows all Talossans to come together and celebrate the greatness of the Talossan nation

TalossaFest was created by Prime Minister Thomas Buffone in 1989 as a way to bring Talossans together as a people and as a nation. The first TalossaFest was held at The Gun Club Site in Vuode Province on 22 July 1989. In the pre-cybercit era, Talossafests were held exclusively in the GTA, however as the number of "cybercitizens" increased, it became necessary to break TalossaFest into a group of festivals held at various venues and locations throughout the year.


While the festival is called TalossaFest, the various offshoot festivals that are not held within the GTA are generally referred to by replacing the suffix "fest" with the location of the event. For example, "TalossaWest" is held in Denver, USA, while "TalossaEast" has been held in Kentucky and New York, USA.