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Wes Erni

Weston John Erni (often nicknamed "Wes", also known by his Talossan name Wes Aquilâ or Wes Enrici) is a former citizen of Talossa and of Atatürk Province.


Erni became a Talossan citizen in August of 1985, and notably founded the La Mhà Nheagrâ (Black Hand) party in its first incarnation, from 1985 to 1989, and in its rebirth of 2002-2005. He served two terms as Seneschal, one in 1986-87 for the MN and one in 1990-91 for the PC, and also served as Secretary of State during the 20th Cosa.

Erni was a longtime Justice of the Uppermost Court, and served seven years on the bench, from 1990 to 1997, serving as the first Senior Justice after the position was estabilished in 1994, and as the first Justice to sit on the court outside of the three initial appointees (Danihel Laurieir, Ben Madison and Ián von Metáiriâ).

In his later years as a Talossan, Erni served as President of the MN; notably, he was the last Old Growth citizen to join Wittenberg, only doing so in late 2003.

Erni v. Talossa

After the renunciations of 2004 that created the Talossan Republic, Erni was appointed to one of the many abandoned Senate seats, but did not stand for re-election when that seat was put before the electorate at the conclusion of his Cosa of service.

After King Robert I abdicated in August of 2005, Erni, who had retained his citizenship, was asked by the former King to bring suit in the Uppermost Court seeking to invalidate the election that had given the reins of power to the Conservative Loyalist Party by nullifying the citizenships of sixteen new voters, who the King had believed were improperly processed through immigration by CLP leader Fritz von Buchholtz. The resulting case, Erni v. Talossa, was decided in favour of the government.

Erni's participation in Talossa waned thereafter, and his citizenship lapsed.


Preceded by
Harrison Wozniak
27 September 1990/XI - 20 April 1991/XII
Succeeded by
Ián von Metáiriâ
Preceded by
Frédéric Maugey
26 September 1986/VII - 28 March 1987/VIII
Succeeded by
Danihel Lauriéir
Preceded by
Ian von Metairia
Secretary of State
1 September 1995/XVI - 1 May 1996/XVII
Succeeded by
Sean Hert
Preceded by
Matthias Muth
Senator for Mussolini
33rd Cosa - Dissolution of the 33rd Cosa
Succeeded by
Gary Cone
Preceded by
Mark Franklin
Senator for Atatürk
27th Cosa (Clark 3) - 29th Cosa (Clark 2)
Succeeded by
Martì Páir Furxhéir