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Fair Governance Party
Leader: Flip Molinar

The Fair Governance Party (FGP) (El Parti per el Governarh Xhust) was a political party that existed during the general election to the 40th Cosa as well as during the 40th Cosa itself. During the campaign, Viteu Marcianüs was involved in a fierce argument with the leader of the Progressive Party, Owen Edwards. This event led to Flip Molinar and Éovart Grischun making the bad decision to expell Marcianüs from the party. Eventually, the FGP collapsed with members either giving their support to or joining other political parties. The party leader, Flip Molinar, and deputy leader, Grischun joined the Progressive Party (PPT). Marcianüs and Ieremiac'h Ventrutx left to re-form the ZPT. Despite the party folding, one member, Tric'hard Carschaleir, still voted FGP via a write-in vote. The party received 5 Cosa seats which Carschaleir held himself.