Tomás Gariçéir

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Sir Tomás Gariçéir, UrGP was a citizen of Talossa.

He became a citizen of Talossa on 1 February 1997.

Famed for his proficiency in the Talossan language, Gariçéir's work with Robert I on texts and learning material earned him the first ever induction into the Order of the Purple Tongue.

He renounced his citizenship on 16 August 2005 in sympathy with the King, who also renounced that day. He spent many years eschewing Talossa, as the political climate had become too divisive. However, his interest in the language convinced him to associate with Talossan citizens after the events of Reunision. He is currently working with the CUG on linguistic issues.


Preceded by
Geoffrey Toumayan
Senator for Atatürk
23rd Cosa (Clark 4) - 26th Cosa (Clark 4)
Succeeded by
Mark Franklin