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Cüféir (Cooper) is a Canton from La Provînçù Liveradâ da Fiôvâ.

History and Extension

It was formed by territory that belonged to Maricopa before Reunision.

It is border to the south by Wisconsin Ave, to the north by Juneau Ave, to the West by the Milwaukee River and to the east by Maritiimi-Maxhestic (N Jackson St).

Extension and borders

It is said to be 118 acres in extension. It is the 10th largest Canton in Talossa.

Cüféir borders to the north by the E Juneau Ave (Maricopa), to the east by the N Van Buren St (Maritiimi-Maxhestic) and to the South by the E Wisconsin Ave Las Înaltàns Maxhéstici.

Points of Interest

Some of the landmarks of Cüféir are:

  • The Pfister Hotel]
  • Over 10 Performing Arts Theaters
  • More than 3 State Museums
  • More than 10 Banking Corporation Buildings, making it the Canton with the biggest GDP in Talossa.