Sevastáin Pinátsch

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Sevastáin Pinátsch

Arms of Sevastáin Pinátsch
Province: Atatürk
Citizenship Date: 19 February 2014/XXXV
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Sevastáin Pinátsch is the Senator for the province of Atatürk. Pinatsch's Coat of Arms,Gyronny of ten argent and gules a moose's massacre sable, were granted at Þonörs da Tafsut Imazighen, 20 April 2014/XXXV[1].

Cultural activity

By special permission of the then-Minister of STUFF Lüc da Schir, Pinátsch became an active contributor to TalossaWiki while still a prospectatíu. Upon being granted citizenship, he was promoted to Bureaucrat.

Pinátsch is the founder and Cüratour of Talossan Citizens Archive, privately-funded public service project that hosts news, social media, and other informational resources of past and present cultural significance. Under this initiative, he launched the Talossan Media Aggregator, the Talossan Privacy Information Centre, and KATV public access television where he hosts Late Night with Sevastáin Pinátsch.

He is Chairman of the Talossan Press Association and a co-founder of RT Radio.

Public service

Shortly after becoming a citizen, Pinátsch was given a post as a TALOSSAssistant on the New Citizens' Committee where he mentored John Whelan, Renalt da Fhamul, Béiâ Hartz, and Zacríeu Spaßetxada.

Political activity

The Moderate Radical Party of Talossa voted Pinátsch in as a member in February 2014/XXXV and he was designated Party Whip in August 2014/XXXV.

As Minister of STUFF during the 47th Cosa, Pinátsch created the Portal (as a replacement for and upgraded TalossaWiki from software version 1.19.0 to 1.23.3, with the assistance of managers Luc da Schir and Alexandreu Davinescu.

In the June 2015 General Election Pinátsch was chosen as Senator for Atatürk, succeeding Brad Holmes. He was re-elected to a second term in December 2016.



Preceded by
Bradley Holmes
Senator for Atatürk
48th Cosa - Present
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Munditenens Tresplet
Chair of Talossan Press Association
8 July 2014/XXXV - Present
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Head, Bureau of Provincial Affairs
20 June 2014/XXXV[2] - Present
Succeeded by


Member of Cosa 47th  
Preceded by
Lüc da Schir
Minister of STUFF
20 Sep 2014/XXXV[3] - 22 Dec 2015/XXXVI
Succeeded by
M.T. Patritz da Biondeu