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Common Sense Progressive Party
Leader: Owen Edwards, Éovart Grischun

Beliefs: Progressive, Monarchist.

(This article is about the historic 'Common Sense Progressive Party'. For information on the modern 'Progressive Party' please see Page: PP).

The CSPP (Common Sense Progressive Party) was a Talossan political party. It was formed in early 2012 as a merger of the Common Sense Party (CSP) and the Progressive Party (PP). Party members were commonly called 'the progs', the CSProgs' and 'the progressives'. It was dissolved with the dissolution of the 45th Cosa as no member had chosen to register the party for the election. This also in line with a planned phasing out of the "common sense" label aimed at returning the Progressive movement back to it's original "Progressive Party".


Progressive Party (PP)

The Progressive Party was first officially registered on 7 October in 2008 by Owen Edwards. It's early membership was chiefly composed of members of the now disbanded LRT. The early days of the Progressive Party saw heavy campaigning on issues relating to the Republic of Talossa as well as several attempts at establishing an Order of the Bonnacon and a pension fund for retired Talossans. In their first contested election (October 2008), the PP received 13 votes (18.57%) earning them 37 of the 200 available Cosa seats.

The following election (July 2009) was a particularly difficult campaign for the PP after their leader became involved in fierce arguments with Viteu Marcianüs of the FGP. These events and subsequent fights led to the complete collapse of the FGP. Éovart Grischun, deputy leader of the FGP, urged party supporters to give their votes to the Progs. The election continued as it began, with many heated exchanges from all parties in the contest.

By elections end the party received 25 votes boosting their seats to 68. The party was becoming a credible opposition to the much larger and dominant RUMP. However, despite doing well in the election, the PP suffered a major blow when Edwards stepped down from leadership and renounced his citizenship, an after effect of the bitterly fought election. T.M. Asmourescu was elected to serve as the party leader, but the party stifled due to lack of activity among members.

Progressive Party of Talossa (PPT)

Breneir Tzaracomprada was elected leader of the party in January 2010 and led the campaign for the April 2010 election where the party made a major comeback and received 28 votes/89 seats. After a successful term of office, Tzaracomprada stepped down to spend time on affairs outside of Talossa. Éovart Grischun was elected leader in October 2010.

The party fragmented due to differences within the party. The core membership had changed from it's original line up and Grischun struggled to maintain a balance of ideals that appealed to the widening gap in party membership. In the January 2011 election they suffered losses with seat numbers going down to 57. Glüc da Dhi then left the party with Alèxandreu Soleighlfred to form a new party, the Moderate Radicals, while Grischun left to form the Common Sense Party. The Progressives, now diminished in numbers, was now being led by Flip Molinar. The Election in October 2011 saw their seats cut again to 40.

Common Sense Progressive Party (CSPP)

By March 2012, the Progressive Party, now under the leadership of Flip Molinar, was about to fold having lost most of it's members. Éovart Grischun, who was now leading the Common Sense Party, successfully negotiated a merger between the CSP and the PP to form the Common Sense Progressive Party (CSPP), essentially saving progressive politics from disappearing from Talossa permanently. He then wrote to his old friend, Owen Edwards, asking him to return to the Kingdom (Edward's had renounced his citizenship back in 2009) to help rebuild the Progressive movement. Grischun and Edwards managed to bring the Progressive Party back to health and successfully re-cemented the ideals of progressive politics. Grischun then stepped aside from party leadership and Edwards once again was leading the Progs. The CSPP ceased to exist after the 45th Cosa during the planned phasing out of the "common sense" label. This led the Progs back to their original grassroots Progressive Party.

Date from Date to Party Leader Party Name
8 July 2012/XXXIII 1 December 2013/XXXIV Owen Edwards CSPP
15 March 2012/XXXIII 8 July 2012/XXXIII Éovart Grischun CSPP
18 January 2011/XXXII 15 March 2012/XXXIII Flip Molinar PPT
15 October 2010/XXXI 18 January 2011/XXXII Éovart Grischun PPT
January 2010/XXXI 15 October 2010/XXXI Breneir Tzaracomprada PPT
5 August 2009/XXX January 2010/XXXI T.M. Asmourescu PP
7 October 2008/XXIX 5 August 2009/XXX Owen Edwards PP

Seats held per Cosa

Cosa Term Party Acronym Number of Seats
45th Cosa CSPP 21
44th Cosa CSPP 19
43rd Cosa
Post merger
43rd Cosa
Pre merger
PPT 40
42nd Cosa PPT 57
41st Cosa PP 89
40th Cosa PP 80
39th Cosa PP 37