42nd Cosa

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42nd Cosa
← 41st Feb 2011 - Aug 2011 43rd →
Elected January 2011
Tuischac'h Xhorxh Pol Briga (RUMP)
Appointed 24 Jan 2011/XXXII
First Cjantscheir Cabinet
Government (111) RUMP (147)
Opposition (89) PPT (53)
Database entry

The 42nd Cosa session commenced on 1 February 2011/XXXII.

Election results

The results of the General Elections are as follows:

Party Votes Seats
HM's Government (143)
   RUMP 45 143
HM's Most Loyal Opposition (57)
   Progressive Party of Talossa 18 57

Members of the 42nd Cosa


Members of the 42nd Cosa representing the PPT

Member's name Number of Seats
Flip Molinar 12
Eoin Ursüm 10
Istefan Lorentzescu 8
Tric'hard Carschaleir 7
Simeon Andrïeu 7
Matáiwos Nanamavéu 4
Vacant 9
Total seats held by party 57


Members of the 42nd Cosa representing the RUMP

Member's name Number of Seats
Most Hon. Litz Cjantscheir 25
Ma la Mha 20
Xhorxh Pol Briga 14
Trotxâ Betiñéir 10
Ian da Bitour 10
Martì Prevuost 10
Toni Çamberleir 10
Iason Taiwos 12
Çesli da Chilseu 12
Vacant 20
Total seats held by party 143

Writ of Dissolution of the 42nd Cosa

The King dissolved the 42nd Cosa and called for a general election by issuing a writ of dissolution on 24 August 2011/XXXII

Text of the Writ of Dissolution
We, John, by the Grace of God King of Talossa and of all its Realms and Regions, King of Cézembre, Sovereign Lord and Protector of Pengöpäts and the New Falklands, Defender of the Faith, Leader of the Armed Forces, Viceroy of Hoxha and Vicar of Atatürk, having thought fit to dissolve this present forty-second Cosa of the Kingdom of Talossa, do to that end publish this our royal proclamation, hereby dissolving the said Cosa accordingly; and do discharge the Members of that Cosa from their meeting and attendance thereat from Monday the twenty-second day of this August instant. And we, being desirous and resolved, for the better governance of these our realms, to have the advice of our people in the Ziu assembled, do hereby make known to all our loyal commons, knights, and nobles our royal will and pleasure to call and assemble a new Cosa, and do hereby further declare that we have given order that our Secretary of State do forthwith issue out writs and ballots in due form, and according to law, for the election of a new forty-third Cosa as well as Senators for the provinces of Florencia, Maricopa, and Maritiimi-Maxhestic.

Further, we would most heartily thank and congratulate, on our own behalf and that of the entire Talossan nation, those citizens who served as Members of this now-dissolved forty-second Cosa, especially thanking the Most Honourable S:da Litz Cjantscheir for her gracious, creative, and effective service as our Seneschal, and all the members of the Government. Further thanks are due to S:reux Ieremiac'h Ventrutx and Mick Preston, and Sir Iustì Canun, whose terms in the Senäts are now drawing to a close.

Done by our hand royal at the city of Denver in Colorado, this twenty-fourth day of August in the year of salvation 2011, of the independence of Talossa the thirty-second, and of our reign the fifth.

— John Regeu