58th Cosa

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58th Cosa
← 57th March - August 2023 59th →
Elected February 2023
Assembled 1 March 2023/XLIV
Dissolved 29 August 2023/XLIV

Tuischac'h Lüc da Schir (PT)
Elected 9 Feb 2023/XLIV
Dean Miestrâ Schivâ (FreeDems)
Serving since the 49th Cosa
Tzaracomprada Cabinet
Government (106) TNC (106)
Opposition (94) FreeDems (60)
PdR (14)
DIEN (11)
PT (9)
Database entry

The 58th Cosa session began on 1st March 2023/XLIV.

Current composition

The results of the February 2023 General Election are as follows:

Party Votes Share
  Talossan National Congress 46 52.87 %
  Free Democrats of Talossa 26 29.88 %
  Partì da Reformaziun 6 6.89 %
  The Independent Monarchist 5 5.74 %
  Parti Tafialistà 4 4.59 %
Present/Invalid votes: 13
Party Seats
HM's Government (106)
  Talossan National Congress 106
HM's Most Loyal Opposition (94)
  Free Democrats of Talossa 60
  Partì da Reformaziun 14
  The Independent Monarchist 11
  Parti Tafialistà 9

Nomination of a Seneschal

The Cosa proceeded to the nomination of a Seneschal between March 1st and 9th. The Talossan National Congress, holding an outright majority in the Cosa, announced their petition to nominate Senator Breneir Tzaracomprada,[1] while the Free Democrats of Talossa supported their incumbent Seneschal, Ian Plätschisch.

This was the first Seneschal selection under the rules established by 57RZ19 (The Seneschal Selection and Reselection Amendment), which was ratified by referendum during the same election that produced this Cosa. Under the new rules, instead of a ranked-choice vote to select a Seneschal, a petition to the King signed by MCs representing a majority of seats is sufficient to nominate a new Seneschal; this mirrors the procedure already in place for selecting a Tuischac'h.

Members of the 58th Cosa

Talossan National Congress (106)
  Baron Alexandreu Davinescu 23 Distain, Finance Minister, Attorney-General
  Bråneu Excelsio 23 Defence Minister, Foreign Minister
  Carlüs Éovart Vilaçafat 23 Culture Minister, STUFF Minister
  Éovart Xhorxh 23 Backbencher
  Muhammed Yasir 14 Backbencher
Free Democrats of Talossa (60)
  Miestrâ Schivâ 14 Opposition
  Antaglha Xhenerös Somelieir 14 Opposition
  Açafat del Val 12 Opposition
  Üc Tärfă 10 Opposition
  Bradley Higgs 10 Opposition
Partì da Reformaziun (14)
  Mic'haglh Autófil 7 Opposition
  Alexandreu Prominè 7 Opposition
The Independent Monarchist (11)
  Munditenens Tresplet 11 Opposition
Parti Tafialistà (9)
  Marcel Tafial 5 Opposition
  Lüc da Schir 4 Opposition