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Marc Moisan is a former citizen of Talossa and was the fifth Scribe of Abbavilla.

S:reu Moisan's contributions to the history of the Scribery are too numerous and significant to properly recount in limited space. Coming to office after the events of 2004 that created the Talossan Republic, Moisan found that the text of the laws which his office was charged with maintaining were unavailable, and set out to try to recreate or restore them. Under his guidance, the Scribery began to re-compile the library of Talossan statutory law, and to act as the custodian thereto.

Moisan was appointed by the government of Quedeir Castiglha to prosecute the exodees to the Republic of Talossa for treason under the Dual Citizenships Act. Thereafter, he served in the Uppermost Court between late 2004 and late 2005, when he renounced his citizenship.

Moisan was a member of the ZPT and served in the 33rd and 34th Cosa for that party.

Preceded by
Martì-Paìr Furxhéir
Scribe of Abbavilla
2004/XXV - 31 August 2005/XXVI
Succeeded by
Ma la Mha