Premier of Vuode

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Premier of Vuode
Current Head: Bentxamì Puntmasleu
Function: Head of provincial government

The Premier of Vuode conducts the executive administration of the laws of the province and oversees projects undertaken by the provincial government.

The office of the Premier is currently held by Bentxamì Puntmasleu.


A Premier is nominated and then internally elected from the pool of all available Vuodean Councillors. The electing of a Vuodean Premier is the first order of business the Estats Xhenerais must conduct at the commencement of each Grand Session per the provincial constitution.

A Premier is limited to serving for two consecutive Grand Sessions, however, there is no upper limit to the total number of sessions that someone can serve as Premier for after a break in service.

Powers and Duties

The Premier speaks for the province of Vuode on current events and oversees any project undertaken or set up by the provincial government.

The Premier is empowered to unilaterally issue United Province Decrees (UPD), which have the effect of provincial Byelaw, precisely as if passed by the Estats Xhenerais. These decrees are subject to veto by the Cunstaval or may be reversed by 2/3rd vote of the Estats Xhenerais.

List of Vuodean Premiers

Grand Session Dates From Dates To Premier
XVI October 2023 present Bentxamì Puntmasleu
XV February 2023 October 2023 no data
XIV no data no data no data
XIII no data no data no data
XII August 2021 no data Tric'hard Lenxheir
XI no data no data Éovart Grischun
X December 2019 July 2020 Viteu Marcianüs
IX May 2019 November 2019 Éovart Grischun
VIII August 2018 February 2019 Chirbi Scherpa-Carriedo
VII November 2017 June 2018 Vacant
VI January 2017 September 2017 Vacant
V April 2016 November 2016 Vacant
IV July 2015 December 2015 Vacant
III October 2014 April 2015 Vacant
II February 2014 July 2014 Éovart Grischun
I May 2013 November 2013 Éovart Grischun