Provincial Law (Vuode)

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The Provincial Law of Vuode is a set of local legislative Acts that shape and guide the administration of the province of Vuode. The supreme piece of provincial legislation is the Constitution of Vuode. Second to the provincial constitution are local statute laws, known as provincial byelaws. In addition, the Premier of Vuode is able to proclaim on-the-spot directives known as United Province Decree, which have the same force as a provincial byelaw.

Constitution of Vuode

See our main article on this subject at Constitution of Vuode.

The Constitution of Vuode is the highest provincial law of the United Provinces of Vuode and Dandenburg. Its seven articles define the points of state, the role of the Cunstaval, the composition and functions of the Estats Xhenerais (provincial government) and other vital topics.

Digest of Provincial Law

Code Resolution Date Status Approved by
2010 Constitution of Vuode (text) 2009/XXX-11-22 REPEALED Vd flag.gif Referendum
Proclamation of Constitution of Vuode 2010/XXXI-1-26 EPHEMERAL Crown.png HM the King
1REX1 The Adoption of Official Dress Act 2010/XXXI-2-11 REPEALED Estats Xhenerais
1REX2 Resolution Condemning the Printing of Money 2010/XXXI-2-12 REPEALED Estats Xhenerais
1REX3 Resolution Condemning Talossa's Long Working Hours 2010/XXXI-2-12 REPEALED Estats Xhenerais
1REX4 Resolution Condemning the Official Dress 2010/XXXI-2-13 REPEALED Estats Xhenerais
1REX5 Resolution Condemning the Condemning 2010/XXXI-2-13 REPEALED Estats Xhenerais
1REX6 The Take Vuode to the Cleaners Resolution 2012/XXXIII-7-15 IN FORCE Estats Xhenerais
EL2013-001 Ensuring we have a States General in May 2013 2013/XXXIV-1-8 EPHEMERAL Constitutional Convention
EL2013-002 Permitting a constitutional referendum to be held 2013/XXXIV-1-8 EPHEMERAL Constitutional Convention
Constitution of Vuode (text) 2013/XXXIV-4-15 IN FORCE Vd flag.gif Referendum
UPD-2013-001 The Parishes and Townships Decree 2013/XXXIV-7-3 IN FORCE Premier of Vuode
The Local Autonomy Act 2023/XLIV-12-20 IN FORCE Estats Xhenerais
The Interprovincial Diplomacy Act 2024/XLV-1-10 IN FORCE Estats Xhenerais