Resolution Condemning the Official Dress (Vuode)

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Code Resolution Date Status Approved by
1REX4 Resolution Condemning the Official Dress 2010/XXXI-2-13 Repealed Estats Xhenerais

WHEREAS Vuode has recently adopted an official dress code for the revolutionary movement, and

WHEREAS I now find that by wearing this dress I am conforming to a traditional pattern, such pattern set by revolutionists before me, and

WHEREAS I simply refuse to conform to this conformist way of revolution, now

THEREFORE, the Cußeglh of Vuode condenm the official dress and repeals the adoption of official dress act (1REX1). Vuodeans will not wear this conformist revolutionary uniform any more.

From this day forth a new official dress has been adopted, which shall be exactly the same as before exept the red beret must be worn backwards...yeah, backwards, now thats rebelious.

Sick of wearing his cap the right way round, The Grisch (Éovart Grischun)