Ensuring we have a States General in May 2013 (Vuode)

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Code Resolution Date Status Approved by
EL2013-001 Ensuring we have a States General in May 2013 2013/XXXIV-1-8 Ephemeral Constitutional Convention

Emergency Legislation EL2013-001: Ensuring we have a States General in May 2013

Whereas the province intends to hold a referendum to ratify a new constitution, and

Whereas to limit confusion among voters as well as ensure maximum participation in the referendum, this referendum should take place during the next general election (April 2013), and

Whereas the new constitution contains a clause that requires citizens of the province to declare their intent to be seated in the States General and this declaration should happen during the general election, and

Whereas time travel notwithstanding, this is a bit of a conflict ,and

Whereas there are two options available; the first is to ratify the constitution and then wait till the 46th Cosa to seat the next States General (not desirable); the second option is to pass legislation to permit a wee bit of wiggle room, so

THEREFORE be it enacted that should the 2013 constitution be ratified by the citizenry of the province of Vuode during the April 2013 General Election then the provisions of Article III, Section 5 of that constitution shall be carried out in the period immediately following the general election until the day before the new States General Grand Session and national Clark begins. (This period being 15 - 30 April 2013).

Éovart Grischun (Proposer) and Viteu Marcianüs (Seconder)