The Adoption of Official Dress Act (Vuode)

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Code Resolution Date Status Approved by
1REX1 The Adoption of Official Dress Act 2010/XXXI-2-11 Repealed Estats Xhenerais

WHEREAS Vuode is a revolutionary province (Power to the People!), and

WHEREAS our revolution should be expressed in everything about us, including our dress, and

WHEREAS we can think of nothing more revolution-inspiring than the below, now

THEREFORE we establish the following as the official provincial dress of Vuode:

1. Headwear A red beret with a black five pointed star at the front.

2. Shirt A plain white t-shirt

3. Pants Black pants or dark jeans.

4. Overwear A leather jacket, preferably with some revolutionary slogan stitched on the back and some revolutionary patches on the right sleeve.

5. Footwear Black army boots.

Uréu q'estadra sa,Dréu Gavártgic'h, Éovart Grischun