The Take Vuode to the Cleaners Resolution (Vuode)

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Code Resolution Date Status Approved by
1REX6 The Take Vuode to the Cleaners Resolution 2012/XXXIII-7-15 IN FORCE Estats Xhenerais

Whereas Vuode has gone through a period of stagnation following a period of anarchy,

Whereas some silly bills were passed that are still officially on the books,

Whereas Vuode needs cleaned up,

Therefore the following provincial resolutions are hereby repealed:

  • Resolution Condemning the Printing of Money
  • The Adoption of Official Dress Act (1REX1)
  • Resolution Condemning the Official Dress
  • Resolution Condemning the Condemning
  • Resolution Condemning Talossa's Long Working Hours

Furthermore, the culture of supposed anarchy in Vuode is to be considered finished and forgotten (but also remembered for the sake of history).

Now, Let us move on and bring proper democracy to this 3-way dictatorship!

Proposed by whatever class of Premier I am, Éovart Grischun

and Viteu Marcianüs