Permitting a constitutional referendum to be held (Vuode)

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Code Resolution Date Status Approved by
EL2013-002 Permitting a constitutional referendum to be held 2013/XXXIV-1-8 Ephemeral Constitutional Convention

Emergency Legislation EL2013-002: Permitting a constitutional referendum to be held

Whereas a new constitution has been authored, and

Whereas two of three members of the constitutional convention have said 'cool', so

THEREFORE be it enacted that during the April 2013 General Election (held 15 March - 14 April) a referendum to ratify a new constitution for the United Provinces of Vuode and Dandenburg will be held, and

ADDITIONALLY we, the constitutional convention, ask that the Royal Talossan Chancery include this referendum on the ballot paper for the General Election, and

FURTHERMORE this referendum be open to all citizens of the province of Vuode, and

FURTHERMORE FURTHERMORE the referendum question shall be multiple choice and shall read as follows:

"The Constitutional Convention of the Province of Vuode has authored and proposed a new constitution. What are your wishes towards this:

A) I wish for the province to keep the 2010 constitution. B) I wish to abandon the 2010 constitution and vote to ratify the new constitution of 2013."

Éovart Grischun (Proposer) and Viteu Marcianüs (Seconder)