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Bob Murphy

Rôibeard dal Már (Robert (Bob) J. Murphy, b. 20 August 1963), Earl of Kenwood, was a citizen of Talossa and of Vuode Province. He served as Seneschal.

Dal Már was an inveterate critic of King Robert I who had joined Talossa in July of 1981, as Talossa's third citizen.

Thanks to the vagaries of coalition politics, the Progressive Conservatives emerged with the largest share of votes but unable (or unwilling) to form a centre-right coalition after the February, 1988 General Election. So, dal Már, head of Danihél Lauriéir's "Bob Fights Ticket" (BFT) party, was asked to form a coalition government with the PC in which the country's two most bitterly opposed forces--the ex-King Robert I and the Lorentzian Left--would be locked in mortal combat for months.

The dal Már Government was paralysed almost from the beginning by constant feuding between the two parties. Eventually the PC pulled out of the coalition, but in a first-rate virtuoso performance, dal Már managed to rally a host of minor parties to keep him in power, shutting the PC out into the Opposition for only the second time in history.

In spite of the feuding, dal Máraccomplishments. First, it secured the return to the Throne of King Robert I, and it restored some of the powers of the Monarch when it presided over the drafting of the 1988 Constituziun , a thoroughly democratic constitution which replaced the 1985 Organic Law and proved so enduring that it continued as Talossa's basic law for nine years.

In keeping with a left-wing Talossan tradition, dal Már and his supporters refused to contest the September 1988 General Election, and the PC was returned to power.

He left Talossa on 11 November 1994, on the same day as one of his successors in the office of Seneschal, Jack Schneider.


Preceded by
Sandee Prachel
7 February 1988/IX - 21 September 1988/IX
Succeeded by
Thomas Buffone