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So...yeah. Here I am. If you need me, feel free to drop me a line over on my talk page.

I decided to move my test area to a proper sandbox (avoiding page clutter). Mosey on over there if you like.

Visit my Citizen page, or the Article someone graciously wrote about me, if you want. You can also visit the official Royal Governor's Office page. Alternatively, you could sit there and twiddle your thumbs.

Check out my new favorite page on TalossaWiki.



Schedules can be found on the bots' respective user pages.

  • MrNameBot -- Fixes proper Talossan words to their correct Talossan spellings.
  • ScribeBot -- Added {{ScribeAuth}} to uncategorized law entries, and redirects law numbers to their respective laws.
  • StubBot -- Adds stub templates to articles that need expanding.

To Do List

# Task
1 Import fantasy sports league data
2 Create page on fantasy sports league
3 Create pages on leagues/teams
4 Create a page for each of the Maricopan cantons/parishes